Practical and Sign Up


Dates and Tickets


RUN #1

Saturday 6th to Tuesday 9th Aug 2022.

RUN #2

Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th Aug 2022.


110 spots available each run.


Pabellón de Exposiciones la Magdalena. 
Avilés, Asturias, Spain.

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With your help, a larper will
get part of their reduced ticket. Thank you!







Good to Know

What is included in the ticket?


    We might ask you to bring a specific color of trousers in some cases. Boots and shoes are not included.

    Just in case your character needs it.

    From lunch on the first day to breakfast the last day.

    The in-game accommodation will be on inflatable beds, in rooms around 10-15 people.
    If you have special needs, please contact us at, we will do our best to help you.

    There will be two different sleeping areas for in-game and off-game sleeping, which we will assign depending on the number of players choosing to sleep off-game. Since there is no shift system in place and the sleeping hours will be the same for everyone, each player will have an individual sleeping spot assigned. In the in-game sleeping area, people will be divided by in-game race (Keplian, Deimian, and Rhean); there might be slight adjustments to this if there’s a player in need of a bigger mattress or has other accessibility needs.


    There will be 12 showers with hot water available for the players.

    There will be 5 shower containers (with 3 cabins each) that will be separated by player gender. 2 containers will be reserved for non-male players, 2 for non-female players, and 1 for non-binary players.

First come, first served.

It will be first come first served, but all sign-ups during the first one hour will be considered the same, so it is not a click war. If there are too many sign-ups during the first hour we will make a raffle considering:

  • Diversity in nationalities and larp experience.
  • Patron tickets will have priority.
  • POC tickets will have priority.
  • Casting reasons. We prefer to bring to the game players that love the group they are cast in.

A dozen spots per run are already reserved for helpers to this larp, fellow organizers of other larps, and other people.

Design process and casting

We will cast characters depending on your answers on your casting questionnaire that you will receive after signing up.

You will receive a character concept some months before the larp and a closed character sheet less than two months before the larp. Our plot writing team will design all the plots and relationships of your character.

Cancellation Policy

You can sell or give the ticket to another person.
 The ticket is not necessarily attached to the character you were cast as, and we can work with finding a suitable alternative character through the other cancellations or otherwise.
You need to contact us to let us know who is the replacement player at

We are helping the players to sell their tickets.

After the 15th of June, we will have to focus on making the larp happen, and will no longer be able to help you look for someone to buy the ticket. We do have a list of people interested in last-minute free tickets or heavily discounted tickets, mostly players who simply can’t afford the participation fee due to their economic situation, that we can offer spots. Should you have to cancel your participation after the 15th of June, we would like to encourage you to donate your ticket (or sell it for a small fee) to one of these players.

If you cancel after the 5th of July and do not have a replacement player lined up right away, we’ll have to prioritize filling up the spots. We will offer available characters to people on our last-minute list right away.


The location has an area of more than 11.000 m2 on two floors. The venue is wheelchair accessible. 

There is no need to have a good athletic condition to play the larp. There is no need to have good hearing or eyesight either.

All scenes are opt-in and there will be no in-game consequences for not playing a scene.

If you have further questions and want to play the game, please contact us, and we will do our best at


First day

8.00: Larp bus departs from Bilbao city. The bus stop in Bilbao city will be this one:

We will send more info about the person in charge of the bus a few weeks before the larp.
12.30: Accommodation.
14.00: Workshops start.
20.30: Larp starts.
At the moment the larp starts, everything will be in-game. There will be a few off-game areas. You’ll be able to go to these areas anytime you feel like it.

Second day

Larp day.

Third day

Larp ends during afternoon / night.
After Larp party.

Fourth day

8.00: Larp bus departs to Bilbao city and airport.
12.30: It arrives at Bilbao airport and city by 12.30.

Bilbao City

X Red marks are bus stops to/from Bilbao airport.

Also, Bilbao center is not that big, and according to locals you can go everywhere walking 15-20 minutes. Highlighted area in this map is what’s considered “city center” and walking from side to side should take 25-30 minutes tops. By the way, red crosses mark the location of bus stops to/from the airport.

Bilbao Hotels

If you arrive to Bilbao before the scheduled date, we’ve checked the following info with locals about hotels.


This hotel is located near the airport but we don’t have real references (and might not be the best option if you want to visit Bilbao)


Reasonable prices, good quality, not far from the bus station (where you can get a bus to the airport)

DISCLAIMER: We don’t endorse any hotel and we can’t guarantee anything regarding them, we just asked a few friends about their personal experiences and city knowledge.

You can get more info about what to do in Bilbao at tourism city website here.


Pabellón de Exposiciones y Congresos
La Magdalena


The venue

The Exhibition Pavilion of La Magdalena is a recently improved multipurpose space situated in Asturias (Spain), looking like a hangar and built on reinforced concrete and glass.

The new building now has over 11000m2 of usable area in a 30000m2 plot, including a newly soundproofed auditorium, an 8000m2 diaphanous space and several rooms with capacity up to 220 people.

A Larp by


We dream awake.