Newsletter #Sept20

Dear players, After taking a bit of a break after postponing the larp, we’re happy to announce that the newsletter will resume! You can look forward to updates on our progress every 1-2 months again from now on. In the meantime, we haven’t been idle, but working on the project constantly. Today, we want to share some of the new developments with you. We’re very excited about them!
Here’s what we have for you:
Our art team is working on the medical scanner that will be found at the MedBay.
Meanwhile, our plot team works on the character’s medical history. We hope to create interesting play for both doctors and patients that way, and make the routine medical checks something to look forward to.
The proofreading process has started, after some months of plot writing, character sheet writing and playability and coherence checks. 14 character writers have finished 130 characters, with over 800 pages in total. We thank Elina Gouliou and Linden Lewis for their proofreading work.
 Our head organiser Espe, together with our friend Mithur, are working to create Hados Project, an open-source larp character design system. It is a long term project that will make our lives easier while employing our usual method of character writing.

The concept behind Hados is to automate all the design processes and give the writers an easy UI that will allow them to look up all the information related to a character or a plot, allowing them to have all the information they need on the screen. That way, the effort of the writers can be directed towards more complex plots and characters, instead of looking up dozens of documents or having long meetings and conversations with other authors.

Likewise, Hados will allow seeing reports with all the traits of the characters, making the quality control process much faster and more efficient.All this will make it easier for designers and writers to put all their energy into plotting a complex, rich story, and less on the tedious process of looking for information and checking for consistency.

On the technical side, Mithur is programming Hados on an open-source platform, powered by ASP.NET Core and Angular, delivering the UI performance and comfort that a creative application needs!
At the same time, Espe and Carmen Bermejo are working on creating an open-source (GPL-3.0 License) web application to manage LARPs. It allows organizers to manage different aspects of the logistics, like which players are assigned to which character, the dietary requirements of the players, their size for costumes and the accommodations. The system is almost ready to go, only pending some beta-testing and polishing of the last details.
When it’s finished, you’ll get a user account in our system, with all the info about NotOnlyLarp’s events you’ve signed up for in the same place: character sheets, design documents, clothing sizes, allergies, etc. .

If you are interested in the source code, you can see it in Carmen’s Github

COMMUNICATIONIf you have questions or concerns and want to reach us, we would ask you to send us an email to, instead of reaching out to team members via Facebook or other private channels, even if you’re friends with us.

Despite not being professional organizers, we will run events with an estimate of 300 participants in 2021, to which we dedicate a lot of our free time. For our team’s mental health and safety, we kindly ask you to stick to the official channel of communication. We have established the email rule a few months ago, and it helped us with not burning out before or during our big events. Please help us to keep our team members sane and happy. 🙂
Thank you for your support, from playing other NotOnlyLarp games to spreading the word about Mission Together. NotOnlyLarp Team

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