We dream awake


The Vision

We believe in stories told by a group of people, stories where every player is the protagonist and responsible of their own experience. There are no supporting characters. But we also believe in player´s participation for the creation of their story.

We aim for you to live an experience. To be in your character’s shoes during the larp: to laugh, to cry, to get angry just as they would, and to get back home safe and sound.

Our Values

We commit to safety ethics.
NotOnlyLarp as an organization commits to work only with individuals and organizations who share these core values. For our current and future projects, every crew member is required to sign a commitment to these core values.

Safety first: people are more important than the LARP.
This will not change. Our Safety Rules will be always as clearly phrased as possible and available to everyone.

We do not accept any type of discrimination.
That includes, but is not limited to: LGBTQIA*-phobia, racism, sexism, classism, ableism, ageism and religious discrimination.

We stand with victims and protect them and their privacy.
Listening to the victims and handling their information confidentially is one of the main pillars of the trust between organizers and community.

We stand with minorities.
There might be issues we don’t recognize immediately, but we strive to educate ourselves on them, so the input and feedback of members of minorities is invaluable for us and deeply appreciated at all times.

We listen and learn.
We can make mistakes but we do our very best to handle situations. We understand we are not experts in all fields therefore, we try to listen and learn from players and ask consultants.

Our Team

Espe Montero

Project Manager
Production · CM · Plot Lead · Safety Team

Enrique Esturillo

Plot Team · Safety Team

Juantxi Rodríguez

Plot Team · Coordination Team


Production · Plot Team · CM
Graphic Designer · Jack of all trades

Alexandra ‘Lu’ Beck

Plot Team · CM · Production · Safety Team

Cripzy Romero

Plot Team · CM · Safety Team

Kai Simon Fredriksen

Plot Team · Safety Team

Jonaya Kemper


Linden Lewis


Javy Dorta

Plot Team · Safety Team

Álvaro Maestro

Plot Team

Jaime Van Kessel

Space Mojo

Mikael Fiedrick

Character Sheet Writer

Germán del Toro

Character Sheet Writer

Isabel Santana

Plot Team

Marco Fernández


Laura Endert

Art and Craft Wizardry

Corne Van Kessel

More Space MoJo!

Nuria Profe


Ork De Rooij

Light and sound magic

Elina Gouliou


Roos Schultheiss

Art and Craft Sorcery

Anne Marchadier

Coordination Team [Helpers]

Penélope Esteve

Production Manager

Sergio Vacas

Production Assistant

Ana Machetti

Production Assistant


Production Assistant

Jeff Mann


Amalia Valero

Problem Fixer

Angélica González

Space Seamstress

Xavi G. Baixista

Coordination Team

Justine Jones

UX Designer

Adrià Muntanya

Production Assistant

Željka Mrčelić Kiš

Graphic Designer

Lars Audun Ragnvaldjord

Military Consultant

Thanks to Nina Teerilahti, who drew the hands for the “Ok Check-in” technique.

Thanks to the House Canariensis, EntreRevs and the Spanish larp community for their help and advices.

Thanks to Laura Kroger for her help.

Thanks for the pictures to Kai S. Fredriksen and the models: Bjørn Sem, Anne H. Demian, Valentina the Black Pearl, Stephanie Dubois and Sonya Lynn.

Pic of the sleeve is uploaded by FR to Wikipedia on Altered Carbon entry,
NASA free pictures are used at website.
Art on footer and some headers by Diogo Vieira and Nikita Pilyukshin under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. 

See you in space!

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We dream awake.