Playing rules

Play to flow

  • This game is designed to offer you the chance to experience life as your character, albeit during a short period of time and in a controlled environment. The main goal is to tell a story with your co-players.

    Please don’t block play by shutting down other players’ actions, and play to lift – by applauding their bravery and heroism, for example, instead of being unafflicted by it.

You are your own game master within the limitations of the game and safety rules

  • Your character sheet is yours, you don’t need to ask the GMs (though we will be available) unless you’re making a change that might affect many players.

What you see is what is there to see

  • There are no magic ability cards that can save you. All you see will be part of the game, and you will have to deal with the consequences. Respect other people’s experiences and safety: avoid any behavior or attitude that can hurt the immersion or the experience of other players, but also keep in mind that safety comes first.

There might be secrets, but, in this larp, secrecy is not important

Off game use of electronic devices

  • The off game use of any kind of electronic devices (tablets, phones, computers, etc) during the game should be discussed with the organizers.


  • When we say this word, we are letting you know that the next sentence is a cue that must be followed up. For example, ‘make way for this car.’ Only organisers can use it, although we will rarely do so.


Post-it notes in the bathroom


Harry will do it

  • If someone in-game asks you to do something you don’t want to do, Harry, our inexistent NPC, will make it happen.

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We dream awake.