Newsletter #01

A Larp about our differences

The whole team of NotOnlyLarp is very excited about this project and we want to share every step of the way with you. To do so, we are planning to keep you updated through newsletters (every two weeks) and our Facebook player’s group. In case you don’t have the time to follow this communication, don’t worry, as we will share all important information with you by e-mail.

Waiting list remains open

It is not too late to join the waiting list for Mission Together. This way you still have the possibility to be part of the crew that will be trained on the premises of the Magdalena Space center of the Triplanetary Union.

If you want to come with someone who could not sign up during the open period, this newsletter is an opportunity to follow every news about the development of the game and a possible spot.

Casting task and brief concepts writing continue

We are still reading your applications and finding the best place for each of you. It’s an extensive task and we are taking our time to complete it. The MT Team is doing its best to select the role that best suits your requests, considering your personal choices and taking under deep consideration all the possibilities, themes and safety rules. Also, we are working on developing a brief concept of every character to send to our players.

EMbrace Unit
Experimental subdivision of artists

EMbrace Unit:
EMU is a segment of professional companions who provide care for those they choose as clients. The ones belonging to this unit are respected professional, as are their human and synthetic counterparts on their respective planets. They also have a recognizable level of influence with leadership. More information about EMU and the world of MT can be found in the design document:
Design Document
Technical props developing and production advances
Meetings, meetings, meetings. Our art team and plot team had a meeting recently to review every prop and space, also considering lighting and soundscaping. We are working on uniforms, makeup, and overall looks of all three races.

We are planning our second scouting mission at Magdalena Congress Center in January.


For our upcoming events, we will have three different communication channels for our players.

– E-mail: All important information will be sent to you by email, so you can
opt-out of every other communication form.

– Facebook: Additionally, we will post information related to the larp that is not necessarily important on Facebook.

– Newsletter: We aim to send out a newsletter about our projects twice a month.

If you have questions or concerns and want to reach us, we would ask you to send us an email instead of reaching out to team members via Facebook or other private channels, even if you’re friends with us. Despite not being professional organizers, we will run events with an estimate of 300 participants in 2020, to which we dedicate a lot of our free time. For our team’s mental health and safety, we kindly ask you to stick to the official channel of communication. We have established the email rule a few months ago, and it helped us with not burning out before or during our big events. Please help us to keep our team members sane and happy. 🙂

Thank you for your support, from playing other NotOnlyLarp games to spreading the word about Mission Together.

And special thanks to the patrons (and those who have contributed with some amount) so other players can be part of this adventure.

NotOnlyLarp Team

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