Mission Together Transportation Grants

Some players can’t afford to go to events due to costs: ticket costs, costume costs, and transportation costs. We always try to have reduced tickets, and specifically for Mission Together, the costume rental is included in the ticket price. But transportation keeps on being a high issue for many players.

We have decided to make transportation grants for some events, to lower that barrier. In this case, we are opening two transportation grants of 200€ max for this event. This means, if your plane or train ticket is under 200€ we will only pay the price of the ticket. If it is over 200€ we will only pay 200€. That’s why we will need an invoice for your ticket.

We know it doesn’t entirely solve the problem, but this is a starting point. And we hope this initiative can become a standard in the future. 

If you are interested, you only need to fill this form until 15th November and we will solve it on the 17th, sending an email to all people who requested a transportation grant. In case we have more applications than grants available we will make a raffle. In this event, we are giving more chances to PoC and/or those affected by Xenophobia and or Racism.

We reserve the right of denying access to specific players to these grants. In the case that we don’t have enough players to run the larp, we will cancel this initiative.

You can apply by filling out this form:

MT Transportation Grants Form

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